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Digital marketing Certificate

Introduction to Digital marketing Course

This is an exciting programme that will give each participants the opportunity to explore Digital Marketing theory and tools within an established and intellectually rigorous context and framework.  It will provide a diverse range of knowledge, competences and skills required to become Professional Digital Marketers. In response to the need of Digital Marketing professionals in a user centric world, this program combines conceptual and theoretical thinking with the opportunity to develop practical insight and application.

After facing the world with covid-19 each business shift their strategies to be more active in E-commerce markets, accordingly we confront with many case of fails in this topics because business owners need to have knowledge and need to learn tips to educate themselves to be successful in this competitive market. This course offers a comprehensive take on digital marketing with a strong emphasis on the application of theory to practice. Many of contents of this course is covered from real experiences with actual act in e-commerce markets.

During course you will face with real Digital marketing challenges which make it accessible to realize weakness and strength of your task.

Who Attend Digital marketing Course ?

Many of traditional business owners that decide to vast and increase opportunity in market especially those who want to manage E-commerce market. On the other hand if you wish to start your business as a startup this is a chance in front of you to face with many new experiences and tasks to be prepared for entering the market.

Digital Marketing Course Contents

This program offer 30 hours in ten days , each day you will attend 3 hours in person. At the end of this course you will get certificate which shows what you prepare and ready during this course.

Table of Contents :

  • Introduction to Marketing , Digital marketing , startups and Business investments.
  • Hosting , Domains and Servers and their differentiation.
  • Basic of digital marketing.
    • Short term digital marketing
    • Mid term digital marketing
    • Long term digital marketing
  • Search engine optimization ( SEO )
  • Search Engine submission and differentiation.
  • Professional Google Analytics.
  • Content Marketing
  • Ads campaign strategies and implementation
  • Social media strategies
  • Data and information gathering method
  • Email marketing

Hiba group is proud to present the most pragmatic and applicable digital marketing course for all business nerds.this course is particularly suitable for those students or interns that are new to the business world and have a long way ahead. it is also helpful for large scale or small scale (local) business owners who want to be more properous. Online marketing managers significantly must take this course to build up their knowlege in order to help their job grow.
Regardless of your experimental skills , you need a profound knowledge about marketing profession in order to be successful. This is the main purpose that motivated us to offer this vital course.

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Course requirements

Pen & Papers

Basic knowledge of computer science like searching could help you during courses

This course is practical then bring your laptop to tablet

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Digital Marketing Certificate